New appointments in the
Mediterranean & LatAm Region

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Generali GC&C and Descartes:
Interview with Lesley Ndlovu

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Generali Group Results
at 31 March 2024

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Generali Global Corporate & Commercial
welcomes Patricia Puerta
as Head of Mediterranean & Latin America

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Generali Group consolidated Results
at 31 december 2023

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Generali GC&C Italy,
Pirelli and Aon

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Generali GC&C Head of Insurance
Carlos Gomez Pascual

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Interview with Tanya Waeber
Head of GC&C Cyber Insurance

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Generali Global Corporate & Commercial
strengthens its business
in the Mediterranean and
Latin America region

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Christian Kanu
Generali GC&C
Chief Executive Officer

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What’s keeping you awake at night?

It’s a question we ask our clients every day.

Today’s commercial world is increasingly global, complex and unpredictable. Recognized operating risks are compounded by new and even unknown threats, any of which can impact long-term growth and success. But businesses increasingly face new challenges to growth, innovation and productivity – they need the confidence to make bold strategic decisions; to invest in new technology, to enter new markets and sectors while ensuring that existing operations continue to thrive.

We Speak Your Language

At Generali, your challenges are our business. We speak your language, partner with your company, and use our global experience, local knowledge and sector insights to promote your company’s interests. We’re as interested in driving the upside as we are in protecting the downside.

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What’s keeping you awake at night? We Speak Your Language


Your Business Succeed

We help you succeed in business, plan your future with confidence and continue to operate despite disruption

Adding Value

Beyond the Policy

We add value beyond policy “terms and conditions,” partnering with you and sharing information above and beyond risk protection for a premium. We work with brokers to build a consultative approach to solving complex global problems, supplying bespoke, flexible, transparent solutions.

Agile, Flexible

and Adaptable

We’re committed to staying agile, flexible and adaptable. And we’re more service-led than process-based, prepared to think beyond industry established practice

Connect With Us

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