Risk Engineering & Loss Prevention Solutions for you

Multiple factors can influence the challenges you face. When a company has been active for many years, increasing globalization and cultural differences can create significant gaps between local coverage and compliance with international standards. Our risk managers and engineers specialize in identifying those gaps. We’re experts at locating potential problems and providing you with the right, relevant solutions.

Loss prevention value proposition

Insurance and Loss prevention are complementary. Just as insurance protects a client’s business from the impact of present and future risks, so loss prevention curtails these risks and the losses they can generate.

Our clients understand the value that Generali Global Corporate & Commercial brings to the table through its loss prevention service. That’s why they’ve made Generali their loyal insurance partner since 1831. Equipped with expertise in a wide array of industries and corporate risks, our risk engineers are fully dedicated to our clients, helping them solve potential risks and avoid or minimize financial impact on their business or properties. Our risk engineers work closely with underwriters, claims experts and client relationship managers to offer integrated solutions tailored to our clients’ needs.

100+ Risk Engineers in 30+ countries

We are organized into a worldwide network, spread throughout specific geographical areas that report to a central team. Our risk engineers have gained extensive corporate and commercial risk knowledge, further supplemented by specialized partners and consultants who address our clients’ most sophisticated needs. Every year our professionals assess and visit more than 5,000 facilities, implementing on-site surveys and desktop assessments for our clients and brokers in every country in the world. We provide risk evaluation and physical, organizational and technical recommendations based on our risk inspections, surveys or desktop assessments. We consolidate and prioritize recommendations in our GC&C Loss Prevention Report – a highly regarded risk management tool that serves as an operational guide for our clients, helping them avoid and/or reduce their most relevant risks, including those that are hidden or underestimated. The final result? We help our clients better protect their businesses.

Product offering

Loss Prevention & Multinational Programs Network

Our risk engineers draw on considerable international experience to identify and recommend risk mitigation plans to our corporate partners and help them effectively implement these plans. We can boast extensive experience servicing international risk portfolios across many different sectors, including manufacturing, construction and transportation. This experience allows us to adopt a highly flexible approach, developing individually tailored solutions designed to respond to our clients’ specific needs, and appointing an individual risk engineer to each client. This engineer works together with the client’s company in an approach that reflects Generali’s culture of reliability and flexibility. Our risk engineers are at once professional and personal with our clients, acting as enablers in the loss prevention process across several kinds of risk. Our services comply with the highest international standards and rely on advanced in-house management tools for the deepest corporate risk analysis and evaluation.

The Generali Global Corporate & Commercial Risk Engineering & Loss Prevention Network is a key component of Generali’s integrated insurance offering, complementing and reinforcing the insurance solutions we provide in:

  • Property
  • Engineering and Construction
  • General and Employer’s Liability
  • Product Liability and Recall
  • Marine and Transport