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Third Party Liability

We offer a range of Third Party Liability solutions that protect you from Bodily Injury (BI) and Property Damage (PD) to third parties not only for onsite operations, but wherever you may be working.

Tailored insurance programs can include sudden and accidental pollution coverage and/or gradual pollution coverage (Environmental Impairment Liability). You can also benefit from our domestic and multinational program solutions, including tailored risk engineering and claims management services. Program structures include traditional guaranteed cost, deductible/SIR programs and captive solutions.

In some countries you can also take advantage of solutions for BI and PD to third parties resulting from medical malpractice, for both professionals and hospitals.

Product Liability

Our offering includes tailored solutions for Bodily Injury or Property Damage to Third Parties resulting from the use of an Insured Client’s product.

Specific coverage extensions can include:

Product Recall costs incurred by the Insured (First Party Product Recall) or by Third Parties (Third Party Product Recall) in order to recall defective products from the market, due to a governmental decision, Third Party Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage, or threat of Third Party Bodily Injury and/or Property Damage.

Dismantling and Reinstallation costs to dismantle defective products/components manufactured by the Insured that have been installed in complex/finished products of Third Parties, and costs incurred for the reinstallation of non-defective products.

Accidental Contamination and Malicious Tampering in the Food & Beverage sector, covering communication costs, rehabilitation expenses, transportation, market recall incurred by the Insured when dealing with a “product crisis” arising out of Accidental Contamination or Malicious Tampering of the Insured’s Products.

Employer's Liability

Employer's liability / workers' compensation coverage 

Some countries require employers to purchase Employer’s Liability (EL) or Workers’ Compensation coverage to protect their legal liability for injury or disease sustained by their employees as a result of their employment.

In select local markets, Generali GC&C offers tailored insurance solutions to address these needs. These may include pain and suffering, special damages including loss of income, disadvantage in the labor market, and compensation for dependents of workers who lose their lives on the job.

Our in-house Risk Engineering experts can help improve business resilience and offer advice for tailoring risk management services, including Health & Safety risk assessments. As part of our Multinational Program offering, Excess Employers’ Liability coverage can be provided under the Global Master policy.

Construction Single Projects

While Generali GC&C provides coverage for annual policies for construction companies, we also insure Single Projects on a stand-alone basis (in excess of section II of CAR/EAR policies, or directly on a primary basis). Construction projects often include a large number of trades, subcontractors and suppliers. A cross liabilities clause guarantees that the risk of injury to another contractor’s employees, or damage to another contractor’s property, be borne by the third party coverage.

Damage to surrounding property also represents a significant exposure, for example where excavation work on a section of pavement damages underground services, or worksite excavation weakens support on a neighboring property. Consequential loss resulting from property damage should also be a major consideration, given that work in high-risk locations such as power plants or pipelines could lead to large financial losses resulting from property damage.