Cyber Insurance Solutions for you

Our Cyber Liability Insurance is tailored to your company’s specific size, needs and expectations, starting from these two basic elements:

First party liability

This cover protects your company when your business is affected by a cyber attack causing a non-damaging business interruption, for example the shutdown of production machinery or a key business system.

Third party liability

This cover protects you from damage your clients and/or partners experience as the result of a breach or cyber attack on your company, for example litigation arising from the leak of confidential and/or sensitive data.

Our cyber protection also offers a variety of complementary services, including:

  • Loss Prevention
  • Loss Mitigation
  • Post-Breach Services

Loss prevention services

Loss Prevention services are designed to provide preemptive protection, strengthening your cyber defenses before attacks occur and putting your business in a position to avoid damages altogether.

Loss mitigation services

Loss Mitigation services provide financial support (payment) in the event your company is damaged by attacks or other hostile cyber events.

Post - breach services

Post-Breach services include a series of services designed to help your company get up  and running as quickly as possible following a cyber attack, defend you from additional attacks, and restore your company’s public reputation as quickly and effectively as possible.