Marine Solutions for you

How we deliver our services


Our team of professionals is fully equipped to assist you, and includes underwriters, operations specialists and claims handlers who have been trained and prepared to manage every situation clients may face. We’ll provide you with a dedicated Service Manager who is responsible for overall program delivery in terms of issuance, monitoring and reporting. Every company and network partner can count on a central team that is entirely dedicated to our Multinational Program and network management, and focused on fully satisfying our clients’ needs.

Claims Handling

We know how important claims services are for your business. These services are often a deciding factor in choosing an insurer for Multinational Programs. We provide a local claims service that includes dedicated teams and service level agreements. All relevant aspects are tailored to your requirements, helping us provide you with an integrated pre-loss to post-loss process.

Global Tool

Our proprietary web-based IT platform is designed to manage the entire lifecycle of Multinational Programs. Both group companies and network partners use this tool to provide our clients with best-in-class service. It performs a dual function, allowing us to:

  • Manage services by ensuring and supporting execution of the entire issuance process for local policies, as well as providing monitoring and reporting capabilities that allow us to provide the excellent service that we are committed to;
  • Manage the portfolio by ensuring that all of the information regarding Multinational Programs is unified and stored on a single, searchable platform available to underwriting, claims, reinsurance and accounting departments.

Cargo risks

We provide a wide range of coverages designed to respond to challenges in both international and domestic businesses. No matter the size of your company, we will always serve and support you, dedicating the same care and attention to small enterprises as we do to large multinationals and medium-sized companies. Our senior underwriters will tailor solutions specifically to your needs that include but are not limited to:

  • Multinational Programs;
  • Cargo stock throughput;
  • Temperature-controlled goods;
  • Commodity trader specificities;
  • Project cargo with delay in start-up;

Hull and machinery

Insurance tailored to your needs

Our extensive marine insurance experience helps make us the best interlocutor to take care of your assets. We provide protection against physical damage to all kinds of oceangoing and brown water vessels, including relevant equipment and machinery.

We cover you against First and Third party liabilities, loss mitigation expenses and general averages. Ancillary coverage may also be granted to increase value in the event of total loss, loss of hire and war risks. We offer coverage for a broad range of merchant and specialized vessels including, but not limited to:

  • General cargo vessels
  • Containers ships
  • Bulk carriers
  • Tankers
  • Passengers vessels
  • Barges, tugs, tow boats
  • Mega yachts and pleasure crafts

Our Underwriters can also provide Builders’ Risks policies for the various perils faced during the construction or conversion of vessels. This kind of policy includes physical loss of or damage to vessels during construction, along with associated liabilities while the vessel is under the shipbuilder’s care, control and custody.

You’ll find that both our senior underwriters and our senior claims handlers will remain constantly by your side in order to design and propose the best, most suitable solutions for your business. Our custom-tailored marine insurance solutions embed industry best practices, risk management expertise, Loss Prevention, loss mitigation advice and repair cost estimates, and can vaunt the support of highly qualified, selected surveyors.

Carriers, logisticians and multimodal operators

Whether your standard Terms of Trades are based on statutory conventions or on agreed contracts of carriage with your principals, we will provide the support you need to provide your customers the best service possible and protect the goods under your care, custody and control. Thanks to our large capacity and strong financial ratings we are in a position to help provide the guarantees your clients need in terms of solidity and capabilities, supplying any size coverage they may require.

Our insurance solutions provide you a wide range of coverages, including:

  • Contractual liabilities
  • Professional liability and Error & Omission
  • Third party liability
  • Bodily injuries
  • Accidental pollution liability
  • Warehouse keepers liability
  • Shipping agency liability
  • Stevedores liability
  • Custom brokers liability
  • Fines & duty costs
  • Shippers interest insurance

By accessing our online insurance certificate solutions you can issue the certificates your principals will need for their lenders and custom clearance purposes. Our Loss Prevention departments will help you review your operation standards, surveying the warehouses you manage as well as your lashing and securing methodologies.

Ports and terminal operators

Our experience underwriters can vaunt core knowledge in marine liabilities, and are able to propose bespoke policies to cover claims arising from third-party liability, including:

  • Property damages and bodily injury
  • Error & omission
  • Accidental pollution
  • Fines & duties
  • Handling equipment
  • Business interruption
  • Terrorism

We’ll sit down with you and review the provisions in your port services agreement, making sure you have the best possible coverage for your business. We will custom-tailor coverage for you, regardless of whether you are a port authority, terminal operator, wharfinger, stevedore or marina operator.