Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth

15 December 2021


  • The changing socio-economic environment creates challenges and opportunities for Generali, while allowing us to bring forward our commitment to sustainability and our belief in equipping our agents and our employees with the digital skills and tools they need to succeed. We are well-positioned to continue to thrive in this current environment.
  • Governments across Europe are making unprecedented investments to drive a sustainable economic recovery - we are already the leader in these markets.
  • Low reinvestment yields require a distinctive investment approach - our in-house asset management capabilities give us an edge.
  • The pandemic has changed the way people seek protection and the need for advice, not just products - our unique network of digitally empowered agents and all Entities embracing new hybrid models mean we can meet this need.
  • As the population ages, their needs are evolving - we have already created a powerful healthcare ecosystem by investing in wellness, services, and assistance.
  • The impact of increased climate risk requires a comprehensive approach to risk mitigation and management - our best-in-class technical skills will serve us well to evaluate and manage risks properly