Generali GC&C celebrates its 10th Anniversary with a day with Clients focused on sustainability

5 July 2023

  • Consistent with the Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy, which places sustainability at the center, attendees enjoyed presentations by the sustainable economy expert Juan Verde and the journalist and broadcaster Roberto Brasero.
  • At the conference, both Clients and the GC&C Iberia&Latam Team had the opportunity to discuss topics of interest focused on risk management and new solutions to help mitigate and prevent risks.

Madrid - Generali Global Corporate & Commercial Iberia&Latam celebrated its 10th anniversary in a strategic meeting with Clients in which sustainability played a leading role in line with the commitments made in the Lifetime Partner 24: Driving Growth strategy for the Generali Group. Attendees enjoyed two days in which they had an opportunity to exchange opinions and listen to the reflections of experts on the importance of sustainability and climate change in the risk management of companies.

During the first day, the journalist and science communicator Roberto Brasero reviewed the main conclusions of the World Climate Report, analyzing extreme weather phenomena, from droughts to episodes of intense storms, and how they condition our daily lives and the decisions of companies. From Brasero's point of view, climate change is already a reality, and we must act accordingly.

The sustainable economy expert Juan Verde, who was Deputy Assistant Secretary for Europe and Eurasia at the U.S. Department of Commerce during the Obama Administration and is currently a member of Joe Biden's Advisory Council, pointed out that sustainability will be fundamental to guarantee the competitiveness of companies, as well as to attract talent. During his speech, he shared with the audience his thoughts on the end of globalization and pointed out that "sustainability is an opportunity for competitiveness and talent attraction for companies".

Carlos Gómez, Head of Global Corporate & Commercial Iberia&LatAm, stated that at Generali GC&C "we want to continue inspiring and accompanying our clients so that they continue to grow and sustainability is the greatest challenge we all face, which is why we have focused our anniversary conferences on these fundamental issues if we want to have a positive impact on the economy, the planet and the results and continue being Lifetime Partners of our clients".

In addition to these two presentations, clients were able to get information on the current situation of the reinsurance market from GenRe, as well as learn about new developments related to the management and prevention of their risks, knowledge and management of new energy derivatives such as hydrogen, the impact of ESG requirements on companies, technological advances such as artificial intelligence and its application in the insurance field, as well as the growing importance of talent management in companies. There was also time to talk about the latest alliance incorporated into Generali GC&C's service catalog in collaboration with the company BCB, which uses thermography as a tool to help companies prevent fires.