Global Construction Solutions for you

You’ll find we aspire to add value far beyond resolving your immediate risk management needs.

We work in close partnership with your broker, complementing their expertise by developing original proposals that drive your business upside as well as protect its downside. Our contingent capital and insurance solutions are as comprehensive and flexible as any construction company needs.

Build a long-lasting relationship with a loyal, experienced insurer

Global Construction is a worldwide network of dedicated insurance professionals who can vaunt extensive experience in the construction industry. We offer flexible services with innovative, technically agile and efficient solutions. Among others, the new contractual realities of “design-build-operate” require the kind of precise, practical insurance solutions that only a dedicated team can provide. As contractors increasingly operate globally, there’s demand for complete and specialized solutions, including, for instance, our multinational programs.

That’s our specialty. We have been insuring some of the biggest and most complex engineering projects around the world including tunnels, bridges, dams, harbors, railways, metro railways, freeways and more.

We not only value long-term relationships with our customers, but honest feedback as well. Through our risk engineering services we invite our intermediaries and customers to meet with our specialists and evaluate potential concerns together to make sure we’re offering you the most appropriate insurance solutions for your business.

We’ll flex to fit your needs, being there for you when it really matters

Our customers require more than standard insurance coverage.
A “full cycle” customer has different insurance needs at different stages of the project, ranging from construction to operational management and more.
We flex to fit, providing:

  • Focus: dedicated team of construction industry experts
  • Service: flexibility and bespoke solutions, dedicated claims and risk engineering management, Multinational Programs
  • Reach: a truly global network and local presence all over the world
  • Financial strength: Generali is one of the world’s 100 largest companies (Fortune Global 500)

You’ll find we offer custom-tailored services to every client in our portfolio, large or small, including a claims protocol and service level agreements, where necessary. We also provide dedicated experts and lawyers who are leaders in their fields when required.

We maintain close working relationships with specialized partner companies who can assist in disaster recovery and claims mitigation, and our dedicated Crisis Management Service will help you prepare for any potential critical event.