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The Human Safety Net


The Human Safety Net is a global movement to empower disadvantaged people, powered by Generali and launched in October 2017.

Programmes target different societal challenges, but share a common purpose: to unlock human potential by inspiring people to help people.


The Human Safety Net is inspired by the idea of ‘chain aid’, where those who benefit may one day give back to someone else, creating a ‘ripple’ of positive change that extends worldwide with limitless potential.

Vision: we believe that everyone should have the opportunity for a better life through a sustainable livelihood

Mission: unlock the potential of disadvantaged people so that they can transform the lives of their families and communities

Approach: the Human Safety Net is an accelerator that protects and supports disadvantaged people in creating opportunities that benefit themselves and the communities they live in. We do this through protecting, investing, training, and mentoring.


The Human Safety Net for Families

This programme will promote equal-life chances for children who grow up in poverty. The Human Safety Net will provide support to thousands of parents during the first six years of their child’s life, which has been scientifically proven as the most formative period. These years will shape what a child achieves in school, their health, and their future career path.

The Human Safety Net for Refugee Start-Ups

Generali is taking a different approach to the refugee crisis in Europe by empowering refugees to realise their entrepreneurial potential and build livelihoods in their new ‘home’ countries with dignity. This programme aims to help refugees to set up thousands of new businesses, jobs, and opportunities for work.

The Human Safety Net for Newborns

Generali will work with the medical community and parents to improve prevention and treatment for a devastating birth condition called asphyxia. Asphyxia leaves many babies handicapped for the rest of their lives and tragically even results in the death of newborns. The asphyxia programme aims to train and equip professionals to help save thousands of lives from this potentially fatal condition.

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