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What’s keeping you awake at night?

Construction is a sophisticated, dynamic business with numerous risks. Some risks are evident; others are unpredictable. Margins can be stretched so thin they nearly disappear. New technologies are continuously emerging, bringing new hazards with them. Political capriciousness and economic evolution bleed traditional sources of capital dry and transform public infrastructure investments. Volatile exchange rates risk affecting profits overseas. Environmental concerns loom large for everyone, from principals and clients to the general population.

Your world is full of interesting business development opportunities – fracking is just one example – that introduce new, different and even unknown exposures. Contingent project liabilities can extend decades into the future. Do you know what today’s project will cost you ten or twenty years down the road?

You’ve committed to adopting new technologies, developing more efficient solutions, cooperating with foreign entities and ensuring compliance with local regulations. With margins thinner than ever, you need an insurance partner you know will be there if things go wrong, supporting you and managing your claim when the situation is most critical. You need a business partner who will follow your business wherever you expand, providing bespoke coverage for local and international risks.

At Generali your challenges are our business.

You work in a fast-paced, high-risk world. Generali can help.


We’ll handle the worries, you handle the worksite. Our global reputation is built on solid insurance expertise, backed by sound advice, ongoing support and a human touch. We’ll work side-by-side with you so that we can provide prompt, appropriate service on a case-by-case basis. Often our combination of fast response times and local presence prove especially advantageous for construction projects.

You can depend on us to help you navigate international tenders, ensuring business continuity by protecting your assets and workforce on the ground. We’ll labor alongside your team, tailoring our solutions to fit your needs case-by-case. Need to secure project funding, sidestep potential fines or navigate local bureaucracy? We’ll put local experts and international specialists on the case, making sure your business keeps running smoothly.

We know that a major claim can have a significant business impact on a given project, or even your business as a whole. That’s why we make sure you have local experts by your side, supported by specialists who can help reduce your claim exposure and insure your business keeps running, even in the event of a loss.


Ultimately it’s all about service. You can rely on us for coverage during different project phases, from financing and construction to operational management. Our dedicated teams are trained to provide the kind of precise, practical insurance solutions you need. If you are a “full cycle” contractor, we will cover different insurance needs at appropriate stages of your project from financing and construction to operational management.

We will assist your temporary expat workforce with dedicated employee benefit solutions through GEB (Generali Employee Benefits, an industry leader). On site we’ll provide you not only with traditional insurance coverage, but also comprehensive and customized solutions throughout the construction value chain (for example Health Risk Assessment, On-site Medical, Emergency Repatriation, etc.) thanks to our international assistance experts, Europ Assistance.

Furthermore we can boast dedicated teams of loss control engineers, professional underwriters and claims handlers who are experts in identifying your specific risks and developing solutions that can help you minimize their impact or even avoid them altogether.


We’ll customize our insurance program to fit your specific situation. For us, it’s all about flexing to fit the customer’s individual needs. This flexibility allows us to react more quickly, whether you need a document issued immediately or special coverage for specific client standards in a foreign country (for example DIC/ DIL coverage, etc.)

Our underwriters are independent and empowered, capable of making on-the-spot decisions and providing quick responses no matter how complex the issue is. Our goal is to resolve claims quickly, helping you complete your project on time and within budget.

Don’t worry, we speak your language.

We’ll spend time getting to know you, understanding the challenges and hazards you face.





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